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A reliable message queue that uses redis as its storage. A compatible clojure implementation of node-relyq. Also implements the qb interface.

[com.rafflecopter/relyq "0.1.0"]


Barebones Getting Started Config

Here's a barebones config to get you going.

{:type :relyq
 :redis {:pool {}
         :spec {:host Str
                :port Int}}
 :prefix Str}

Usage with QB

(ns your-namespace-here
  (:require [qb.core :as qb]
            [qb.util :refer (ack-success nack-error)]
            [clojure.core.async :refer (go-loop <! close!)]))

;; See below for config options
(def config {:type :relyq :redis redis-cfg})
(def q (qb/init! config))

;; Send messages to a destination
;; Destinations are relyq prefixes
(qb/send! q "qb:me:name" {:some :message})

;; Start a message listener at a source location
;; Sources are relyq prefixes
(let [{:keys [data stop]} (qb/listen q "qb:me:name"))]

  ;; data is a channel of {:ack ack-chan :msg msg}
  (go-loop []
    (let [{:keys [ack msg]} (<! data)]
      (try (handle-msg msg)
           ;; Notify the queue of successful processing
           (ack-success ack)
        (catch Exception e
          ;; Notify the queue of an error in processing
          (nack-error ack (.getMessage e))))

  ;; At some point, you can stop the listener by closing the stop channel
  ;; Some implementations take a bit to close, so you should wait
  ;; until the data channel is closed to exit gracefully.
  (close! stop))

Raw Usage

(ns your-namespace-here
  (:require [qb.relyq.relyq :as relyq]))

(def config {:redis redis-cfg}) ; See below for more options
(def q (relyq/configure config))

(relyq/push q {:task "object"})
(relyq/process q) ; => {:task "object"} (may also have :id field if configured)
(relyq/process q) ; => nil (task has been moved out of queue)
(relyq/process q :block true) ; Blocks for processing of a task (see configuration for length of time)
(relyq/finish q task-object) ; remove from "doing" list
(relyq/fail q task-object) ; move to a "failed" list to analyze later
(relyq/fail q task-object assoc :error "error") ; move to "failed" list with update

Configuration Options

key Type Desc
:type Keyword The only available type is :relyq
:prefix Str This is only used when using relyq directly (no qb). QB uses source or destination as the prefix. The prefix is the added to all redis keys used by relyq. The default is "relyq".
:redis Map See wcar docstring
:btimeout Int Timeout (seconds) of blocking redis process (Defaults to 1)
:fmt Keyword Format for encoding task (:json or :edn, :json by defaut)
:id-field Keyword Field where task id can be found (Default: :id)
:make-id Function Creates a random id for the task (Defaults to uuid)


See LICENSE file


Clojure implementation of relyq, a reliable redis-based queue




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