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What the heck is it?

The deis global-config plugin lets you store config values in Vault that can be used in your Deis apps.

Why the heck do we need that?

Deis allows you to configure individual apps using using deis config:set KEY=VAL to manipulate a containers environment variables. However, this can get tedious when you have two or more apps where the same config values need to be set i.e. multiple apps sharing a mongo database to store state. The global-config plugin enables you to set those values once and use them in multiple apps


We assume that you have Vault running somewhere with github authentication enabled. By default, we look for a deis app in your cluster named "vault" and discover the url automatically. However, you can also set a custom vault address via a command-line argument.


cd /usr/local/bin \
  && curl -sSL -O \
  && chmod +x deis-global-config \
  && cd -

To use deis global-config, put the deis-global-config script on your path somewhere. Each deis app will need to source global-sorcerer as part of it's Dockerfile CMD. See


deis global-config -h


When you're ready to release a new version, ./ vX.Y.Z will create a new release in the gh-pages branch, but it'll be up to you to push it to github.