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Jun 15, 2011
May 13, 2011


Version 1.1.3, See CHANGELOG
Apr 23, 2011


Stability improvements of the website.
Apr 5, 2011


Big improvements in the website, many bugfixes
Mar 21, 2011


- complete doc
- some bugfixes
Mar 13, 2011


Urgent bugfix release because the ranks computed since
one week are false: the ranking runs three times a day
and the "old" rank of an AS has to be deleted (it is an
addition of the ranks of its subnets).

This part was buggy and the old rank is not deleted anymore.
On a standard installation, all your ranks are 3x bigger
than they should.

FIX: just run the function recompute_all_ranks from
and wait.

sorry for the inconveniences.
Mar 8, 2011


This version is fully compatible with redis 2.2.2.
The slave instance used by the website is desactivated until
I found a way to handle the synchronization with the master without
provoking a crash of the website.
Mar 3, 2011


Many changes, mostly in concerning the usage of the instances.
Some bugfixes.

It works now correctly with Redis 2.2.1.

Add some docs, more is comming.
Jan 30, 2011
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