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###Description: A simple front end for multiple clock back ends so that multiple threads may read the same clock value. The minimum resolution (in this case latency) of multiple back to back calls of the system clock is returned through the latency function. There are multiple x86 time-stamp counters in place, as well as linux and OSX system counters. Time stamp counters aren't available on OSX despite there being x86 processors in place since there is no corresponding processor pinning which makes it highly likely that the thread reading the time stamp counter will migrate and make any subsequent TSC readings invalid.

###TODO: Future releases will add ARM support (soon). There is a shared memory version floating around that I'll upload as well which is useful for multi-process timing. If anybody wants to code up a TCP sync between multiple systems that'd be cool too, although if you do, please add the verification data to the verification data compressed folder so that folks who want to use it know that it has in fact been tested.


automake --add-missing
make check

###Other Notes: Make check might fail, I need to re-work the way I test some things since context swaps can heavily influence short execution back-to-back timings when observing time from a thread that is not synchronous with the timing thread.

Compiles with Linux (gcc, icc, clang) and on OS X (10.7 - 10.10) with gcc,icc, and clang.