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Tweem (0.2.5)

Tweem is a bot that automatically shares all the resteems and/or recent posts of specified accounts to your favorite social networks, it can also crosspost your tweet-like posts.


Required: Git, NPM, Node.js, a Twitter account that will be used by the bot.
If you wish to deploy your own version of this bot, follow these steps carefully.

  1. Cloning
git clone
  1. Setting up an app for your Twitter account
    Log into your account on Twitter then visit this page and click on Create New App. Follow the steps until your bot is set up. Go on your bot's app page (not its public Twitter page, the one from your apps panel), click on Permissions then make sure Read and Write is selected under the Access title and click on the Update Settings button. Now click on Keys and Access Tokens, scroll down to the Token Actions subtitle and click on the Generate My Access Token and Token Secret button.

  2. Set your own keys
    You will come accross some process.env.SOMETHING fields in the app.js file. If you plan on deploying this bot on a safe environment (locally for example), you can replace them by your app's keys in between single quotes. You can find all the required keys on the Keys and Access Tokens page. However, if you plan on deploying it online you MUST protect those keys. The app uses environment variables to achieve that but you are free to use any other way as long as it's secure. I recommend using Heroku if you want to deploy this bot easily and freely. Whatever you choose to do, don't ever put your keys on GitHub or anywhere where they could be seen by someone else.

  3. Building the bot

cd Tweem/
npm install
  1. Starting the bot
npm start

I recommend to wait at least one minute after the "Starting a new stream" message appears in the console before testing it if you don't want your post to get unnoticed by the bot. This is because "Starting a new stream" doesn't mean that the stream is operational yet but that's it's about to be.


Before starting the bot, it is recommended to take a look at the config file and to modify its values to match your liking.
Here are all the configuration possibilities:

  • request_nodes: list of RPC nodes to be used by the app to get posts informations (those need to be full nodes)
  • settings:
    • allowed_apps: lets you decide how posts from various apps will be linked (0: not posted, 1: posted with a link to the post on the default_app, 2: posted with a link to the post on the app it comes from)
    • default_app: default app to be used when an app is not yet supported or has been set to 1 in allowed_apps. The value has to correspond to one of the labels in the supported apps table below.
    • mentions:
      • escape_starting_mention: escape a mention by adding a '.' in front of it if it is the first word of a tweet (default: true)
      • remove_mentions: remove mentions completely (default: false)
      • remove_mentions_at_char: remove the '@' character from mentions (default: false)
    • post_frequency_minutes: delay in minutes between posts sent to a social network (default: 0)
    • post_retry_timeout: time in milliseconds to wait for before retrying to post to a social network if it failed (default: 10000)
    • tags:
      • check_for_duplicate: check for duplicate tags and remove them (default: true)
      • filter_out: tags to be removed from the post's tags (default: [])
      • limit: limit of tags to be included in the post, represented by a number or false if no limit is wanted (default: false)
      • propagate: tags to be added when encountering specific tags. This setting is an object with tag names as its properties and an array of tags to add as its values. (default: {})
      • remove_app_tags: removes the tags specific to the posting app used by the author (default: true)
      • remove_tags_by_length: remove tags by length (smallest removed first) if the post is too long (default: false)
      • remove_tags_by_length_opposite: remove tags by length (longest removed first) if the post is too long (default: false)
      • remove_tags_by_order: remove tags by order of importance (last tag removed first) if the post is too long (default: true)
      • remove_tags_by_order_opposite: remove tags by their opposite order of importance (first tags removed first) if the post is too long (default: false)
  • social_networks: the social networks to which Tweem should post (true = post, false = don't post, default: true)
  • steem_accounts: lists of Steem accounts to react to when they post (posts and tweet_like) and/or when they resteem (resteems) (default: ["ragepeanut"], ["ragepeanut"] and ["happypeanut"])
  • stream_nodes: list of RPC nodes to be used by the app to stream operations (those can be low memory nodes)
  • template: templates for the posts (explained in 'Create your own template')
    • post: template for posts related to posts
    • resteem: template for posts related to resteems
    • tweet_like: template for posts crossposted from tweet-like posts
  • twitter_handle: the Twitter handle used by the bot, aka your Twitter handle (default: 'RagePeanut_')

Create your own template

Tweem aims to be the most configurable sharing bot on the Steem blockchain, that's why you can change how your posts will look by changing their template for posts, resteems and tweet-like posts. Let's take a look at everything possible with this example template.

I just resteemed {title}::1 [by {author}]::3 {tags,capitalize}::2 {link}

This template can be separated in multiple parts to facilitate your comprehension. The parts are as follow, we will go through each of them: I just resteemed, {title}, [by {author}], {tags,capitalize} and {link}. The first part, I just resteemed, is pretty straightforward. It simply is a piece of text that will not get altered whatsoever, which means the message produced will always start with I just resteemed no matter what. The second and last parts, {title} and {link} are variables. They will get replaced by their values. {title} will get replaced by the title of the post and {link} will get replaced by a link to the post. It is recommanded to keep the {link} variable at the end of templates since Twitter can behave weirdly when it isn't. {tags,capitalize} is also a variable but it contains one more thing: a modifier. Modifiers are used to ask Tweem to alter the value of a variable, they are added to variables by respecting this scheme (whitespaces are not allowed): {variable,modifier}. Three modifiers exist: uppercase, lowercase and capitalize. As for variables, you can see a short list of them below. The last part that hasn't been talked about yet is the [by {author}] part. It is used to specify that by {author} can be removed if there are too much characters for the message. In order to determine the order of removal of text parts and even if you only have one removable part, you have to use the ::importance syntax after removable parts where 1 is the most important. As you can see in the template, [{variable}]::importance (removable variables) can be simply written {variable}::importance. Taking this template as an example, [by {author}] will get removed first, followed by {tags,capitalize} and then {title} if there are still too many characters.

Variable Description Removal
author The post's author Instant
link The post's link Instant
tags The post's tags Tag by tag
title The post's title Ellipsis

Supported apps

Website Label Official description Posting Viewing
Actifit actifit Rewarding Fitness Activity
BeScouted bescouted Photography community that rewards for creating quality content.
BlockDeals blockdeals A Community Platform for Bargain Hunters and Deal Spotters.
BlockPress blockpress Blockchain based content management system.
Busy busy Ensuring compensation for the creators of value.
Contest Hero contest_hero Helping you to find, create and enter the best contests on the Steem Blockchain.
Coogger coogger An information sharing network that works with multiple applications.
dlike dlike Share What You Like
dMania dmania Make money with memes, funny pictures and videos.
dPoll dpoll Decentralized poll app on top of the STEEM blockchain.
DSound dsound Decentralized Sound Platform
DTube dtube The first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.
eSteem esteem Blog, vote, share pictures and get paid.
Fundition fundition A next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform.
Głodni Wiedzy glodniwiedzy Dedicated Polish Steem user interface for displaying content of selected users.
Hede hede Knowledge Sharing Dictionary
Insteem insteem Decentralized News by Independent Journalists
Knacksteem knacksteem Rewarding Talent
Memeit.LOL A creative platform you can use to create your own meme and post it on the Steem Blockchain.
mTasks mTasks A Fiverr like platform built on top of STEEM Blockchain.
Parley parley The place where conversations happen.
Partiko partiko Fast and beautiful Steem on the go.
Share2Steem share2steem Cross-post your public social publications to a Steemit account.
Steemd steemd A blockchain explorer for the STEEM blockchain.
SteemDB steemdb Block explorer and database for the STEEM blockchain.
SteemGigs steemgig A Revolutionary Decentralized Freelance Marketplace With Its Own Knowledge-Bank.
Steemhunt steemhunt A Steem Fueled Product Hunt.
Steemit steemit A social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content.
SteemKR steemkr Korean version of Steemit.
SteemPeak steempeak A new way to experience the Steem platform.
SteemStem steemstem Community Project to Promote Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Postings on Steem
Steepshot steepshot Platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience.
Steeve steeve An advanced Steem web interface.
Strimi strimi An interface for the STEEM blockchain that acts like Reddit.
Ulogs ulogs "True celebrity-hood" once and for all, for "everyone".
Uneeverso uneeverso Gestión de automatización STEEM.
Utopian utopian Rewarding Open Source Contributors
Vimm.TV Live Streaming Made Easy - Monetization Simplified
Zappl zappl Decentralized censorship resistant micro blogging Social Media site that pays.

If you are working on a website that you feel should be in this list, let me know by contacting me through one of the social networks listed below ! I'll add it as soon as possible.

Special thanks to

Steemit for steem.js
Tolga Tezel for Twit

Social networks


Follow me on Steemit or Busy to be informed on my new releases and projects.


Tweem is a bot that automatically shares and/or crossposts all your resteems and/or recent posts to your favorite social networks.





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