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Build websites using lua. bison uses gopher-lua to parse http requests and Go for the http server and the templating This provides an easy way to create websites (using a simple language like lua) with great tools from a more complex language (templating, logging)


To handle all your configuration values bison uses a config.lua file (should be located at app/config). This file is a simple lua table:

local config = {
  address = ':0',
  devMode = false,
  myTestKey = 'testing-bison'

-- Always return the config table
return config

There are some mandatory fields that need to be present on your configuration file:

  • address: The address where the http server will listen on
  • devMode: Development mode boolean, if enabled some features (like hot-reload lua files) will be activated, to make development easier

After the mandatory fields are all setup you can declare any field (even use tables) and access them later using the config module on your lua files


bison uses a router.lua file (should be located at app/router) to handle all the request routing. The router file follows this simple structure:

local router = {
  ['/test/:name'] = {
    get = 'test.lua',
    post = 'post_test.lua'

-- Always return the router table
return router

You first specify a route (you can use named parammeters like :name on the example), each route has a table with the http method and the controller (lua files inside the controllers directory) that should be executed


All the testing is done on the test folder, where a simple example of how bison works is located. Every lua module is tested, on each test a fasthttp server is created with a random port. Then a request is simulated using net/http package

Since the testing package is basically a bison application, it can be used as a base/example on how should your directory structure look like


You can find a complete of how to make an application using bison on the example directory.

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