Extended functions for W:ET and ET:L
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ETimproved (a.k.a ETimp)

Provide extended functions for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. See below for further details. This tool is NOT intended to offer significant advantages for fighting other players.


Most features below can be changed or disabled (blank value) via config ini file:

  • minimizer

  • auto chat when you call arty, was revived, killed a teammate, was killed by teammate + sorry, receive health/ammo

  • auto reconnect when you have a high ping or the server want to redirect you

  • toolbar (overlay) in the upper right corner:

    • dynamite timer (optional with text-to-speech)

    • kill/death/ratio/efficency display

    • flag indicator

    • observe player permanently or temporarily

    • spawn timer

  • quickchat, customizable via xml file

    • team/class/weapon selector (with auto join)

    • spawnpoint selector

    • player selector (i. e. to spectating him)

  • check for newest version


Download etimp.exe. It does not matter from where the tool is started. Once this file is executed for the first time (while or before the game is running), config.ini and quickchat.xml are created in the same folder.

Requirements to get it running

  • Check for the correct path in config.ini. In general it will be set automatically on startup, if the game is running and installed via installer.

  • Although they will be set automatically on startup in general when the game is running, following et commands must have specific values (via console or et config file):

    • r_fullscreen 0 (default 1) - If set, ETimp will make the game window to full screen in its own way. Because of this, desktop and game resolution should be equal to avoid black borders.

    • logfile 2 (default 0) - If set, a log file with game related events will be created in realtime, which are evaluated by ETimp. Usually the location of this file is depending on which mod is used and the game startup parameter "fs_game".

    • cg_graphicObituaries 0 (default 0) - If set (noquarter only), the kill events will be shown as text instead of icons.

    • cg_popupMessageFilter 0 (default 0) - If set (noquarter only), messages such as "Planted at", "was killed by" etc. are not filtered. The flags 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 are still allowed.

Supported mods

  • etmain

  • etpro 3.1.12 - 3.2.6

  • noquarter 1.2.3 - 1.2.9