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Responsive images in WordPress content

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# Simple Responsive Images #
**Contributors:** Rahe
**Donate link:**
**Tags:** images, image, responsive images, responsive, content
**Requires at least:** 3.3
**Tested up to:** 3.5.1
**Stable tag:** 1.0.3

## Description ##

This plugin generate images with attributes for the responsive images in your content.
Choose the breakpoints and the sizes associated. 
The next images you will insert and the elements generated with the wp_attachement functions will begenerated with the right attributes.

Contribute on
Based on for javascript

## Installation ##
 **PHP5 Required.**
1. Download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
2. Activate the plugin within you WordPress Administration Backend
3. Go to Settings > Reponsive Images
4. Configure the breakpoints and the html element of the resizing.
5. Insert one image in your content with the uploader.
6. Go on your post and try to resize the window
7. Let the magic work !

## Screenshots ##

###1. Settings page###
![Settings page](

## Changelog ##
* 1.0
	* First release
* 1.0.1
	* Debug the admin
	* Right activation call
	* More tests before making actions
* 1.0.2
	* Debug admin function
	* Delete option on uninstall
* 1.0.3
	* Formating
	* Minified script
	* Remove bug breaking visual editor
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