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@@ -1,32 +1,26 @@
-//TODO: main list
+//main list
//add more error handling!
-//change start menu troll kit support shortcut to the github repository
//try to hide title bar or at least the minimize and maximize buttons
//send error log to a server to detect the status of the program. Send computer ID too.
-//remove minimize/maxmize butons
+//remove minimize/maxmize buttons
//re-center window for non full screen games
//Kunal says Syed should get a demoscene program to show trippy graphics, keygen style, when you launch trollkit
-//rename to "Troll Kit", just the title, not in the code?
-//ask Arthur for original Trollkit github repository
-//delete files upon uninstall
+//use and pull to original Trollkit github repository
+//delete files upon uninstall - delete data and startup shortcut, a pain with ClickOnce
//test full screen/hide mouse/etc in a non ClickOnce application to determine if the problem is related to priveleges
//clickonce elevated privelege using app.manifest and publish manifest?
//use windows installer, write auto-update code, move everything to program files folder
//autostart with last played game settings vs current settings
//if arcade mode, do not auto update
-//drag and drop - control or entire form?
+//drag and drop - controls
//add file dialog for JoyToKey
-//test first run of program
-//test test test!
//use standard XML parsing code, likely XPATH, not the AMS.Profile library,
//orrrr use LINQ to XML!
+//add download game functionality - seperate form
//add game configurations to automatically set settings (full screen, hide mouse) for each game?
-//add download game functionality
//much later:

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