AarKay is a language independent code generation framework.
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AarKay is a language independent code generation framework which allows you to apply data to your personal templates and generates code for you with empty placeholders for custom logics.

Why AarKay?

AarKay allows you to generate code from templates, encouraging best coding practices.

  • Focus on architecture and design rather than writing code.
  • Enforces same architecture and coding style across large teams and projects
  • Automatic generated code means less error-prone code
  • Helps save time during code review
  • Helps getting bird's eye view of a large project


  • Binary form

Download the latest release with the prebuilt binary from release tab. Unzip the archive into the desired destination and run bin/aarkay.

brew install rahulkatariya/formulae/aarkay

Getting Started

There are plenty of tutorials for different uses of AarKay:


Plugins allows you to

  • Process and Modify Datafile data before it is applied to the Template.
  • Modify Generatedfile name and directory.
  • Generates multiple files of any type with the same data.

Available Plugins



Issues and Pull Requests are welcome!


Created with ❤️ by Rahul Katariya