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A list of community projects & resources related to Nano.
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A curated list of awesome Nano projects and resources.

Note: With the recent spike in Nano popularity, there have been a lot of projects popping up. Most of these projects are still early in development. Please do your own due diligence when getting involved.

Nano Wallets

Nano Paper Wallets

Node Implementations

Node Installers

Node Management


  • RaiBlocksJS - JavaScript functions for Nano node/wallet management


Block Explorers

Libraries and RPC clients

  • Rain Server [Java] - Intermediary Nano wallet/node communicator
  • Canoed Server [Nim] - An intermediary wallet/node middle layer written in Nim for the Canoe wallet.
  • Prai [Python] - Nano Python RPC client
  • Nano Light Server [JavaScript] - Nano decentralized wallet/node for light wallets.
  • Nanook [Ruby] - A Ruby RPC client
  • Raiblocks-py [Python] - Nano Python RPC client and toolkit
  • rai [Python] - A pythonic RPC client
  • NanoDotNet [C#] - A .NET RPC Client
  • bitcougar-wallet-webservice [PHP] - A PHP webservice for Nano light wallets.

Currency Converters

  • Simple currency converter - Converts from one currency to another, via Coinmarketcap API, using URL params and updates every 10 seconds.


Production Apps

Web & Ecommerce Integration

Proof of Work Implementations


  • SpendRaiBlocks - A list of merchants who accept Nano
  • - A marketplace where to buy and sell any digital product with Nano.

Vanity Address Generators

  • nano-vanity - A CPU & GPU Nano vanity address generator, written in Rust
  • frankh/nano-vanity - A CPU only, simple vanity address generator, written in Go
  • NanoAddr - This service provide a simple way to find your personalized Nano address directly into your browser

Network Tools

Privacy & Anonimity

  • Raimixer - A GUI/commandline local transaction scrambler.
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