SikuliX version 2 - Java API
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SikuliX Version 2 - Java API

latest useable version is 1.1.1

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Version 2.0.0 under developement
Build Status Travis CI (Ubuntu 12.04-64, Java 8, xvfb)
Developing and testing locally on macOS 12 and Windows 10 with Java 8

Translation project: Transifex::SikuliX2

Documentation project: ReadTheDocs::SikuliX2 based on GitHub::SikuliX2-Docs

Forking and/or downloading this repo only makes sense:

  • if you want to get a knowledge about the internals of SikuliX
  • if you want to create your own packages containing SikuliX features
  • if you want to contribute.

BE AWARE The use for scripting and Java programming is only possible after the first nightly builds are available. Currently you might fork the project and make your tests in the project context. Issues and pull requests are only accepted here on Github.


the API to be used in Java and Java aware scripting languages

  • the new public features are in com.sikulix.api
  • the current API (up to 1.1.x) in org.sikuli.script will be kept for backwards compatibility, but rerouted to com.sikulix.api/.core as needed
  • new projects using Java should use the API as provided by com.sikulix.api

Prerequisites for development and testing

  • a Java JDK 1.7+
  • Maven 3+
  • only 64-Bit Systems supported

For developement I use the JetBrains IDEs

  • IntelliJ IDEA CE for Java and everything else
  • PyCharm CE for special Jython/Python stuff
  • RubyMine for special JRuby/Ruby stuff (special license for OpenSource projects)

Be aware for development and testing

  • the so called folder SikulixAppData, where SikuliX specific stuff is stored once per machine, for SikuliX2 now is SikulixAppData/SX2 to allow the parallel usage of SikuliX1 and SikuliX2 on the same machine.