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Build your own choose your own adventure
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Story Maker

Web toy for making, sharing and finding simple interactive stories

Story Maker Screenshot

The idea is to have a tool that lets you draw your own ugly-ass Choose Your Own Adventure comic, upload it, and share it with your disappointed friends who just want you to do something productive with your life. Ideally you'll also be able to browse other people's comics and ask yourself if it was really worth it.

Made with a bunch of trendy bs

  • Create React App - sets up the project without having to make my own CPU from scratch.
  • TypeScript - lets big brother Microsoft hold my hand and scream at me when I mispell something.
  • Styled Components - CSS in JS.
  • React Hooks - Dan Abramov spoke to me in a dream and when I woke up I understood hooks.
  • Firebase - where I store the story database.
  • Reactfire - hooks for interacting with Firebase.
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