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Hacktoberfest2018 ~ Week 3 Challenge

For previous challenges, please look at readmes.

This is part of a series of weekly projects that will be in this repository over the span of hacktoberfest. this is satire, it's meant to be cute and to see what potential PRs have (both during hacktoberfest and otherwise)


Raid keeps breaking his stuff! His parents are sick of it!

How can I help?!

All Raid wanted to do was to use his PS3 controller on his computer... Little did he realise it would cause the worst kind of error.... The BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! But that made him realise; wouldn't it be fun to make my own BSoD? Make sure to put it in the BSoD folder.

What on earth is a blue screen of death? (BSoD)

So basically, when your computer has some giant fatal error and can't bother anymore, it throws a blue screen of death! (or a kernel panic on linux/ some weird popup on macos). What i'm asking is that you try your best to replicate that screen in HTML!


  1. Your submission must be in the HTML file "BSoD/{YourUsername}.html"
  2. Don't just use an IMG tag of some BSoD screenshot. Try and template it.
  3. No Malicious Code (cookie sniffing, iframe hacking, css local file stealing, ios rootkits, while loops that never end, CPU Monero Miners)
  4. No NSFW (porn, nudes, pictures of your cat's testicles, severed heads)
  5. No ADS (No advertising your product, No third party ads)

But why is this a challenge?

The point of this challenge is to replicate an image template into HTML, You might not think it's that important or that difficult, but in the workplace most (if not all) instances of web development require you to work based on a design. THE LAST THING I WANT TO SEE FROM THIS CHALLENGE IS A BUNCH OF IMAGES EMBEDDED INTO HTML FILES, THE IMAGES ARE A TEMPLATE

Final note

Remember to make your BSoD screens as realistic as possible! Try to make it so that if someone went fullscreen on your page, it would trick an average user!