Administration tool for IW4x, T6M, and most Call of Duty® dedicated servers
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Quick Start Guide

Version 2.2


IW4MAdmin is an administration tool for IW4x, Pluto T6, Pluto IW5, and most Call of Duty® dedicated servers. It allows complete control of your server; from changing maps, to banning players, IW4MAdmin monitors and records activity on your server(s). With plugin support, extending its functionality is a breeze.


Latest binary builds are always available at:


IW4MAdmin requires minimal effort to get up and running.



  1. Install .NET Core Runtime
  2. Extract IW4MAdmin-<version>.zip


  1. Run StartIW4MAdmin.cmd (Windows)
  2. Run (Linux)
  3. Configure IW4MAdmin


  1. Extract newer version of IW4MAdmin into pre-existing IW4MAdmin folder and overwrite existing files
  • Your configuration and database will be saved


Feel free to join the IW4MAdmin Discord
If you come across an issue, bug, or feature request please post an issue


Initial Configuration

When IW4MAdmin is launched for the first time, you will be prompted to setup your configuration.

Enable webfront

  • Enables you to monitor and control your server(s) through a web interface
  • Default —

Enable multiple owners

  • Enables more than one client to be promoted to level of Owner
  • Default — false

Enable stepped privilege hierarchy

  • Allows privileged clients to promote other clients to the level below their current level
  • Default — false

Enable custom say name

  • Shows a prefix to every message send by IW4MAdmin -- [Admin] message
  • This feature requires you specify a custom say name
  • Default — false

Enable social link

  • Shows a link to your community's social media/website on the webfront
  • Default — false

Use Custom Encoding Parser

  • Allows alternative encodings to be used for parsing game information and events
  • Russian users should use this and then specify windows-1251 as the encoding string
  • Default — false

Server Configuration

After initial configuration is finished, you will be prompted to configure your servers for IW4MAdmin.

Enter server IP Address

  • For almost all scenarios is sufficient
  • Default — n/a

Enter server port

  • The port that your server is listening on (can be obtained via net_port)
  • Default — n/a

Enter server RCon password

  • The (R)emote (Con)sole password set in your server configuration (can be obtained via rcon_password)
  • Default — n/a

Use Pluto T6 parser

  • Used if setting up a server for Plutonium T6 (BO2)
  • Default — false

Use Pluto IW5 parser

  • Used if setting a server for Plutonium IW5 (MW3)
  • Default — false

Enter number of reserved slots

  • The number of client slots reserver for privileged players (unavailable for regular users to occupy)
  • Default — 0

Advanced Configuration

If you wish to further customize your experience of IW4MAdmin, the following configuration file(s) will allow you to changes core options using any text-editor.

IW4MAdminSettings.json-- this file is created after initial setup

  • This file uses the JSON specification, so please validate it before running IW4MAdmin



  • Specifies a locale name to use instead of system default
  • Locale must be from the Equivalent Locale Name column
  • Default — windows-1252


  • Specifies the connection string to a MySQL server that is used instead of SQLite
  • Default — null


  • Specifies the database provider IW4MAdmin should use
  • Possible values — sqlite, mysql, postgresql
  • Default — sqlite

Ignore Bots

  • Disables bots from being registered by IW4MAdmin


  • Specifies (in milliseconds) how often to poll each server for updates
  • Default — 5000


  • Specifies the list of servers IW4MAdmin will monitor
  • Default — []
  • IPAddress
    • Specifies the IP Address of the particular server
    • Default — n/a
  • Port
    • Specifies the port of the particular server
    • Default — n/a
  • Password
    • Specifies the rcon_password of the particular server
    • Default — n/a
  • ManualLogPath
    • Specifies the log path to be used instead of the automatically generated one
    • To use the GameLogServer, this should be set to the http address that the GameLogServer is listening on
    • Example —
  • AutoMessages
    • Specifies the list of messages that are broadcasted to the particular server
    • Default — null
  • Rules
    • Specifies the list of rules that apply to the particular server
    • Default — null
  • ReservedSlotNumber
    • Specifies the number of client slots to reserve for privileged users
    • Default — 0


  • Specifies (in seconds) how often messages should be broadcasted to each server
  • Default — 60


  • Specifies the list of messages that are broadcasted to all servers
  • Specially formatted tokens can be used to broadcast dynamic information
  • {{TOTALPLAYERS}} — displays how many players have connected
  • {{TOPSTATS}} — displays the top 5 players on the server based on performance
  • {{MOSTPLAYED}} — displays the top 5 players based on number of kills
  • {{TOTALPLAYTIME}} — displays the cumulative play time (in man-hours) on all monitored servers
  • {{VERSION}} — displays the version of IW4MAdmin
  • {{ADMINS}} — displays the currently connected and unmasked privileged users online
  • {{NEXTMAP}} — displays the next map and gametype in rotation


  • Specifies the list of rules that apply to all servers`


  • Specifies the list of maps for each supported game
  • Name
    • Specifies the name of the map as returned by the game (usually the file name sans the file extension)
  • Alias
    • Specifies the display name of the map (as seen while loading in)


Name Alias Description Requires Target Syntax Required Level
prune pa demote any trusted clients that have not connected recently (defaults to 30 days) False !pa <optional inactive days> Owner
quit q quit IW4MAdmin False !q Owner
rcon rcon send rcon command to server False !rcon <commands> Owner
ban b permanently ban a client from the server True !b <player> <reason> SeniorAdmin
unban ub unban client by client id True !ub <client id> <reason> SeniorAdmin
find f find client in database False !f <player> Administrator
killserver kill kill the game server False !kill Administrator
map m change to specified map False !m <map> Administrator
maprotate mr cycle to the next map in rotation False !mr Administrator
plugins p view all loaded plugins False !p Administrator
tempban tb temporarily ban a client for specified time (defaults to 1 hour) True !tb <player> <duration (m|h|d|w|y)> <reason> Administrator
alias known get past aliases and ips of a client True !known <player> Moderator
baninfo bi get information about a ban for a client True !bi <player> Moderator
fastrestart fr fast restart current map False !fr Moderator
flag fp flag a suspicious client and announce to admins on join True !fp <player> <reason> Moderator
kick k kick a client by name True !k <player> <reason> Moderator
list l list active clients False !l Moderator
mask hide hide your presence as a privileged client False !hide Moderator
reports reps get or clear recent reports False !reps <optional clear> Moderator
say s broadcast message to all clients False !s <message> Moderator
setlevel sl set client to specified privilege level True !sl <player> <level> Moderator
setpassword sp set your authentication password False !sp <password> Moderator
unflag uf Remove flag for client True !uf <player> Moderator
uptime up get current application running time False !up Moderator
usage us get application memory usage False !us Moderator
warn w warn client for infringing rules True !w <player> <reason> Trusted
warnclear wc remove all warnings for a client True !wc <player> Trusted
admins a list currently connected privileged clients False !a User
getexternalip ip view your external IP address False !ip User
help h list all available commands False !h <optional commands> User
nextmap nm view next map in rotation False !nm User
owner iamgod claim ownership of the server False !iamgod User
ping pi get client's latency False !pi <optional player> User
privatemessage pm send message to other client True !pm <player> <message> User
report rep report a client for suspicious behavior True !rep <player> <reason> User
rules r list server rules False !r User
setgravatar sg set gravatar for webfront profile False !sg <gravatar email> User
whoami who give information about yourself False !who User

These commands include all shipped plugin commands.

Player Identification

All players are identified 5 separate ways

  1. npID/GUID/XUID - The ID corresponding to the player's hardware or forum account
  2. IP - The player's IP Address
  3. Client ID - The internal reference to a player, generated by IW4MAdmin
  4. Name - The visible player name as it appears in game
  5. Client Number - The slot the client occupies on a server. (The number ranges between 0 and the max number of clients allowed on the server)

For most commands players are identified by their Name
However, if they are currently offline, or their name contains un-typable characters, their Client ID must be used

The Client ID is specified by prefixing a player's reference number with @.
For example, @123 would reference the player with a Client ID of 123.

All commands that require a target look at the first argument for a form of player identification

Additional Command Examples


  • shortcut - sl
  • Parameter 1 - Player to modify level of
  • Parameter 2 - Level to set the player to [ User, Trusted, Moderator, Administrator, SeniorAdmin, Owner ]
  • Example - !setlevel Player1 SeniorAdmin, !sl @123 Moderator
  • NOTE - An owner cannot set another player's level to owner unless the configuration option is enabled during setup


  • Shortcut - b
  • Parameter 1 - Player to ban
  • Parameter 2 - Reason for ban
  • Example - !ban Player1 caught cheating, !b @123 GUID Spoofing


  • Shortcut - tb
  • Parameter 1 - Player to ban
  • Parameter 2 - Ban length (minutes|hours|days|weeks|years)
  • Parameter 3 - Reason for ban
  • Example - !tempban Player1 3w racism, !tb @123 8h Abusive behaivor


  • Shortcut - reps
  • Optional Parameter 1 - clear (erases reports for current server)



  • This plugin uses geo-location data to welcome a player based on their country of origin
  • All privileged users ( Trusted or higher ) receive a specialized welcome message as well
  • Welcome messages can be customized in WelcomePluginSettings.json


  • This plugin calculates basic player performance, skill approximation, and kill/death ratio
  • Skill is an number derived from an algorithmic processing of a player's Kill Death Ratio (KDR) and Score per Minute (SPM).
  • Elo Rating is based off of the number of encounters a player wins.
  • Performance is the average of Skill + Elo Rating

Commands added by this plugin

Name Alias Description Requires Target Syntax Required Level
resetstats rs reset your stats to factory-new False !rs User
stats xlrstats view your stats False !xlrstats <optional player> User
topstats ts view the top 5 players on this server False !ts User
mostplayed mp view the top 5 dedicated players on the server False !mp User
  • To qualify for top stats, a client must have played for at least 3 hours and connected within the past 15 days.


  • This plugin deters GUID spoofing by requiring privileged users to login with their password before executing commands
  • A password must be set using the setpassword command before logging in

Commands added by this plugin

Name Alias Description Requires Target Syntax Required Level
login l login using password False !l <password> Trusted

Profanity Determent

  • This plugin warns and kicks players for using profanity
  • Profane words and warning message can be specified in ProfanityDetermentSettings.json
  • If a client's name contains a word listed in the settings, they will immediately be kicked

IW4 Script Commands

  • This plugin provides additional integration to IW4x
  • In order to take advantage of it, copy the userraw folder into your IW4x server directory

VPN Detection [Script Plugin]

  • This plugin detects if a client is using a VPN and kicks them if they are
  • To disable this plugin, delete Plugins\VPNDetection.js
  • Adding ClientIds to vpnExceptionIds will prevent a client from being kicked.

Shared GUID Kicker [Script Plugin]

  • This plugin kicks users using a specific GUID
  • GUID F4D2C30B712AC6E3 on IW4x was packed into a torrent version of the game.



  • Shows an overview of the monitored server(s)


  • Shows a chronological ordered list of client penalties (scrolling down loads older penalties)


  • Shows a list of privileged clients


  • Allows privileged users to login using their Client ID and password set via setpassword
  • ClientID is a number that can be found by using !find <client name> or find the client on the webfront and copy the ID following ProfileAsync/


  • Shows a client's information and history

Web Console

  • Allows logged in privileged users to execute commands as if they are in-game

Game Log Server

The game log server provides a way to remotely host your server's log over a http rest api. This server is useful if you plan on running IW4MAdmin on a different machine than the game server


  • Python 3.6 or newer
  • The following PIP packages (provided in requirements.txt)


  1. With Python 3 installed, open up a terminal/command prompt window in the GameLogServer folder and execute:
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Allow TCP port 1625 through firewall


With Python 3 installed, open a terminal/command prompt window open in the GameServerLog folder and execute:


Extending Plugins


IW4Madmin functionality can be extended by writing additional plugins in C#.
Each class library must implement the IPlugin interface.
See the existing plugins for examples.


IW4MAdmin functionality can be extended using JavaScript. The JavaScript parser supports ECMA 5.1 standards.

Plugin Object Template

In order to be properly parsed by the JavaScript engine, every plugin must conform to the following template.

var plugin = {
    author: 'YourHandle',
    version: 1.0,
    name: 'Sample JavaScript Plugin',

    onEventAsync: function (gameEvent, server) {

    onLoadAsync: function (manager) {

    onUnloadAsync: function () {

    onTickAsync: function (server) {

Required Properties

  • author — [string] Author of the plugin (usually your name or online name/alias)
  • version — [float] Version number of your plugin (useful if you release several different versions)
  • name — [string] Name of your plugin (be descriptive!)
  • onEventAsync — [function] Handler executed when an event occurs
    • gameEvent — [parameter object] Object containing event type, origin, target, and other info (see the GameEvent class declaration)
    • server — [parameter object] Object containing information and methods about the server the event occured on (see the Server class declaration)
  • onLoadAsync — [function] Handler executed when the plugin is loaded by code
    • manager — [parameter object] Object reference to the application manager (see the IManager interface definition)
  • onUnloadAsync — [function] Handler executed when the plugin is unloaded by code (see live reloading)
  • onTickAsync — [function] Handler executed approximately once per second by code (unimplemented as of version 2.1)
    • server — [parameter object] Object containing information and methods about the server the event occured on (see the Server class declaration)

Live Reloading

Thanks to JavaScript's flexibility and parsability, the plugin importer scans the plugins folder and reloads the JavaScript plugins on demand as they're modified. This allows faster development/testing/debugging.

Discord Webhook

If you'd like to receive notifications on your Discord guild, configure and start


  • Python 3.6 or newer
  • The following PIP packages (provided in requirements.txt)

Configuration Options

  • IW4MAdminUrl — Base url corresponding to your IW4MAdmin WebfrontBindUrl.
  • DiscordWebhookNotificationUrl — [required] Discord generated URL to send notifications/alerts to; this includes Reports and Bans
  • DiscordWebhookInformationUrl — [optional] Discord generated URL to send information to; this includes information such as player messages
  • NotifyRoleIds — [optional] List of discord role ids to mention when notification hook is sent


With Python installed, open a terminal/command prompt window open in the Webhook folder and execute:




This is an IW4x only feature (wider game support planned), that uses analytics to detect aimbots and aim-assist tools.
To utilize anti-cheat, enable it during setup and copy _customcallbacks.gsc from userraw into your IW4x Server\userraw\scripts folder.

The anti-cheat feature is a work in progress and as such will be constantly tweaked and may not be 100% accurate, however the goal is to deter as many cheaters as possible from IW4x.

Database Storage

By default, all IW4MAdmin information is stored in Database.db.

Should you need to reset your database, this file can simply be deleted.
Additionally, this file should be preserved during updates to retain client information.

Setting the ConnectionString and DatabaseProvider properties in IW4MAdminSettings.json
will allow IW4MAdmin to use alternate methods for database storage.