Unpacks .DRP game files from Darkness and Light SEA.
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Darkness and Light Unpacker

Unpacks .DRP game files from Darkness and Light SEA. Written in Visual Studio using C# .NET.

How to Use

  1. Build the .exe or download it at http://mojo10.synology.me/~lemoney/files/dal-unpacker-v1.0.zip
  2. Run it and click Choose Files or Choose Folder.
  3. Select the .DRP files to unpack (multiple files supported), click Open.

List of Filetypes in DAL

Looks like the following file extensions are used in DAL game files:

Note: .drg, .dra, .drc and .dre usually come together, like a bundle for 3D model and animations.

  • .drg: Unsure/proprietory, looks like a 3D model rig with bones.
  • .dra: Unsure/proprietory, wild guess is animation because it's linked to .drg file most of the time, but not all the time. Could be a scripting file too.
  • .drc: Unsure/proprietory, looks like 3D model, especially if it has no rig (lightning bolt, knives thrown by Ireine, item boxes).
  • .dre: Unsure/proprietory, looks like particle effects because it has filenames like 'fire', 'light' or 'smoke'.
  • .drr: Proprietory, DAL map file.
  • .drd: Propreitory, DAL data file.
  • .ogg: OGG sound files and music.
  • .dds: Microsoft DDS Texture files.