The Railcraft Mod for Minecraft, source and development.
CovertJaguar Add Disposable Batteries (currently empty, WIP).
Rework Charge network balancing, withdrawal, and efficiency.
Flatten Battery blocks.
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Railcraft - A Minecraft Mod

Here you will find the source and issue tracker for the Official Railcraft Project.

What is Railcraft?

Railcraft is a mod written for the hit game Minecraft. It is built on top of the Minecraft Forge API.

It greatly expands and improves the Minecart system in Minecraft. Adding many new blocks, entities, and features. It has been in development since 2012 and contains over 800 class files and hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

The mod was created and is still currently maintained by the user going by the name CovertJaguar.

Why are you posting the Source Code?

In the words of CovertJaguar:

As a new modder, I originally feared losing control of my code, my brainchild. However, since that time, I have had the privelege of being Project Lead on two other major Minecraft Mod projects that provided access to the source: Buildcraft and Forestry. I've generally found this to be a positive experience resulting in many bug fixes and increased intermod compatibility. While I still have some concerns, I have come to feel that the benefits of providing others access to my source code outweigh the negatives and unknowns. To that end, despite my misgivings, I made Source Access a Patreon Milestone Goal. I had no idea whether I'd ever meet that Goal, but I decided to let the community decide, and decide they did, overwhelmingly so! My Patrons are awesome. So, as promised, I am posting the Source Code.

Official Links



Post only confirmed bugs here. Do not post crash logs, you can post pastebin links to FML logs, but no crash logs.

You must have read and performed the proper support procedure outlined here before posting.

More information about issue Labels can be found here.


The Official Railcraft Project welcomes contributions from anyone, provided they have signed the Contributor Licensing Agreement (CLA) found here.

Signing the CLA is simple, just follow the link, and hit the "I Agree" button and you are good to go.

Regarding new features/behavior changes, please submit a Suggestion Issue to the Tracker before you write a single line of code. Keeping everyone on the same page saves time and effort and reduces negative experiences all around when a change turns out to be controversial.

Also, as a bonus. If you submit a Pull Request that ends up being merged you are eligible to receive beta access. To redeem, contact CovertJaguar on IRC.


The Railcraft Project follows standard Forge conventions for setting up and building a project, with a couple additional details (details to come).

You can create a file in the project root with the following properties:


Initial Setup from the Command Line:

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse

The API and Localization files reside in their own repositories and are pulled automatically into the main repo as git submodules. You will however need to run the following commands:

git submodule init
git submodule update


Railcraft is licensed under a custom usage license tailored specifically for the project. It can be read here.

  • Key things to keep in mind:
  • You may NOT create works using the Railcraft code (source or binary) without CovertJaguar's explicit permission except in the cases listed in this license.
  • You may NOT create derivative Jars from Railcraft source to distribute to other users.
  • You MAY use snippets of Railcraft Code posted on the Official Github in your own projects, but only if your project consists of less than 25% of Railcraft derived code. You must give credit to the Railcraft Project for the code used, including a link to the Github Project. Put this in your class file headers that contain Railcraft code, in your readme, and on the main download page.
  • You may NOT use Railcraft Art Assets in other projects unless the project is intended to operate alongside Railcraft. Examples are Addons, Resource Packs and InterMod Integration.
  • You MAY fork and edit the Github Project for the purpose of contributing to the Official Railcraft Project. You may NOT distribute any Jar created from a fork for any reason.
  • All contributions to the Official Railcraft Project must be covered by a Contributor Licensing Agreement signed by the contributor.