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@@ -74,14 +74,30 @@ If you want to use the project as a starter app, use the "Rails Composer":http:/
To build the example application, run the command:
-$ rails new myapp -m -T
+$ rails new rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan -m -T
Use the @-T@ flag to skip Test::Unit files.
The @$@ character indicates a shell prompt; don't include it when you run the command.
-This creates a new Rails app (with the name "myapp") on your computer.
+This creates a new Rails app named @rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan@ on your computer. You can use a different name if you wish.
+You'll see a prompt:
+question Install an example application?
+ 1) I want to build my own application
+ 2) rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan
+ 3) rails3-devise-rspec-cucumber
+ 4) rails3-mongoid-devise
+ 5) rails3-mongoid-omniauth
+ 6) rails3-subdomains
+Choose *2) rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan*.
+The application generator template will ask you for additional preferences.
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