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@@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ h4. Similar Examples and Tutorials
34 34
35 35 This example application uses ActiveRecord and a SQLite database. You can use the Mongoid ORM with the MongoDB datastore instead, for faster development without schemas or migrations. The "rails3-mongoid-devise": example app and tutorial shows how to set up Devise and Mongoid with RSpec and Cucumber.
36 36
  37 +For an extended version of this example that adds "CanCan": for authorization (controlling access to administrative pages) and "Twitter Bootstrap": (for CSS styling) see the "rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan": example application.
  38 +
  39 +The "rails-prelaunch-signup": example and tutorial from the RailsApps project is also based on this example application.
  40 +
37 41 See an expanded list of similar "Rails examples, tutorials, and starter apps":
38 42
39 43 h2. Dependencies

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