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# Application template recipe for the rails_apps_composer. Change the recipe here:
before_config do
# Code here is run before any configuration prompts.
say_wizard "recipe running before configuration"
if config['space_test']
say_wizard "running a space test"
test_count = config['test_count']
say_wizard "will run the test #{test_count} times"
say_wizard "will run the test in #{config['orbit']} orbit"
unless config['mars_test']
say_wizard "Mars test not available"
# the @config@ hash is only available to the recipe
# the @prefs{}@ hash is available to all the recipes
case config['orbit']
when 'leo'
prefs[:test_orbit] = 'leo'
when 'spy'
prefs[:test_orbit] = 'spy'
when 'gps'
prefs[:test_orbit] = 'gps'
after_bundler do
# Code here is run after Bundler installs all the gems for the project.
# Use this section to run generators and rake tasks.
# Download any files from a repository for models, controllers, views, and routes.
say_wizard "recipe running after 'bundle install'"
after_everything do
# This block is run after the 'after_bundler' block.
# Use this section to finalize the application.
# Run database migrations or make a final git commit.
say_wizard "recipe running after everything"
# A recipe has two parts: the Ruby code and YAML matter that comes after a blank line with the __END__ keyword.
name: example
description: "Example of a recipe."
author: githubname
category: example
- space_test:
type: boolean
prompt: Do you want to test your application in space?
- mars_test:
type: boolean
prompt: Do you also want to test your application on Mars?
if: space_test
if_recipe: mars_lander
- test_count:
type: string
prompt: How many times would you like to repeat the test?
if: space_test
- orbit:
type: multiple_choice
prompt: "What orbit do you want?"
choices: [ [Low Earth orbit, leo], [Sun-synchronous, spy], [Geostationary, gps] ]
if: space_test
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