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@vfonic vfonic Update testing framework prefs key (:unit_test => :tests) Oct 25, 2015 6047139
@jonkerz jonkerz typos Feb 27, 2015 1e7c7ee
mli-max Set correct link to configuring with YAML Dec 20, 2014 11c8354
@cczona cczona added Rspec to the list of gem development dependencies. rake -T breaks without it. Jan 21, 2014 a61c847
@DanielKehoe DanielKehoe update internal links Jan 21, 2014 916c4a0
@DanielKehoe DanielKehoe fix links Jan 21, 2014 9acee50
@DanielKehoe DanielKehoe guide moved to the wiki Jan 21, 2014 d64511c
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