A Ruby implementation of an Event Store based on Active Record
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problematic anyway.
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Rails Event Store

Rails Event Store (RES) is a library for publishing, consuming, storing and retrieving events. It's your best companion for going with an event-driven architecture for your Rails application.

You can use it:

  • as your Publish-Subscribe bus
  • to decouple core business logic from external concerns in Hexagonal style architectures
  • as an alternative to ActiveRecord callbacks and Observers
  • as a communication layer between loosely coupled components
  • to react to published events synchronously or asynchronously
  • to extract side-effects (notifications, metrics etc) from your controllers and services into event handlers
  • to build an audit-log
  • to create read-models
  • to implement event-sourcing


Documentation, tutorials and code samples are available at https://railseventstore.org.

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We're aiming for 100% mutation coverage in this project. This is why:

Whenever you fix a bug or add a new feature, we require that the coverage doesn't go down.


This single repository hosts several gems and website with documentation. Check the contribution guide.



This repository is funded and maintained by Arkency. Check out our other open-source projects and what else we have at RES.

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