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Getting started

Create new Rails application

Just use provided application template and run:

rails new -m YOUR-APP-NAME

What's included?

  • Rails Event Store gem added to Gemfile (latest version)
  • Rails Event Store data model migration generated and executed
  • Rails Event Store initializer generated with default configuration
  • Rails Event Store Browser mounted (available at http://localhost:3000/res)

What next?

  • check Rails Event Store setup defined in config/initializers/rails_event_store.rb, learn more how to setup Rails Event Store here
  • decide if default YAML serialization suits your needs, see more about serialization formats here
  • start implementing your domain, use bounded_context gem's generators to initilize folders structure for your domain model (use rails generate bounded_context:bounded_context YOUR-BOUNDED-CONTEXT-NAME command)
  • implement your aggregates using AggregateRoot module, see how here
  • subscribe to domain events published, check how to define subscriptions and event handlers
  • learn Command pattern and how to use Arkency's command bus to decouple your domain model from controllers
  • check how to use provied RSpec matters
  • learn more about:

API documentation documentation is available here

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