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CmdrArduino is an embedded library written in C++ that provides the foundation for implementing an NMRA DCC command station. CmdrArduino presents classes and methods for, among other things, setting a locomotive’s speed, activating functions, switching turnouts, and programming DCC decoders. CmdrArduino translates these commands into DCC packets…

Updated Apr 26, 2016

Eagle 1 0


Updated May 23, 2015

Eagle 0 0


Updated May 22, 2015


Updated Dec 28, 2014


A feature-rich, NMRA standards compliant DCC decoder in 8K. Targeted at ATtiny84A.

Updated Oct 20, 2014


C++ implementation of the OpenLCB model railroad layout control protocol. For Arduino, AVR-8, and ARM Cortex M3

Updated Jan 5, 2014


A central repository for Railstars's Eagle Parts Library.

Updated Nov 25, 2013


A port of the functions provided by Arduino's WProgram.h for the NXP LPC17xx family of processors; shouldn't be hard to port to other ARM processors either.

Updated Aug 29, 2011


A library to support building DCC programmers with Arduino.

Updated Jun 29, 2011


As the name says, all you need to use AT90CAN-based boards with the Arduino environment.

Updated Jun 6, 2011

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