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Makefile Add a Makefile to provide `make test` Jun 15, 2014
_setup.vim Add test plugins to the &rtp if they are present. Dec 1, 2014
autoclose_matchpairs.txt Consider more characters in smart_matchpairs default value. May 17, 2015
autoclose_matchpairs.vim Allow using commas and colons in matchpairs. Fix #208. Feb 12, 2015
autoclose_quotes.vim Better testing for quotes. Dec 19, 2013
eol_marker.vim Better handling of insert_eol_marker. Should fix #195. Jan 17, 2015
expand_cr.txt Fix indentation in test. Nov 29, 2014
expand_cr.vim Fix tests. Jul 14, 2013
expand_space.txt Fix tests, BS in expansions and close #105. Jun 18, 2013
expand_space.vim Consider space and CR expansions when jumping over. Closes #95. Mar 31, 2012
first_buffer_no_ft.vim Call s:setup() directly in the plugin. Should fix #202. Jan 15, 2015


Automatic test setup

You can use make (or make test from the top level directory) to run the tests.

Manual test setup instructions

The plugins runVimTests and VimTAP are needed to run these tests.

Besides the _setup.vim configuration file present in this repo you need to create a global one and place it in the same dir where the runVimTests executable is located. Assuming the executable is at '/bin/runVimTests' this global configuration file should be '/bin/runVimTestsSetup.vim' and should have something like the following lines inside of it:

" Prepend tests repos to &rtp
let &runtimepath = '/path/to/runVimTests_dir,' . &rtp
let &runtimepath = '/path/to/vimTAP_dir,' . &rtp