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" Test on Sample 6, go to first line outside block and :norm dak
call vimtest#StartTap()
call vimtap#Plan(3)
edit sample_006.rb
exec 'runtime ftplugin/ruby/'.fname.'.vim'
normal 0dak
call vimtap#Ok(mapcheck(maps.poa, 'o') != '', 'Check <Plug> mapping.')
call vimtap#Ok(maparg('ak', 'o') =~# maps.poa, 'Check ar mapping.')
call vimtap#Is(getline(1,line('$')), ['# Sample 6', 'module Foo', ' class bar', ' catch :quitRequested do', ' def baz', ' [1,2,3].each do |i|', ' i + 1', ' end', ' end', ' end', ' end', 'end', ''], 'Check if the selection was correct.')
call vimtest#SaveOut()
call vimtest#Quit()
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