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  1. PDBrick PDBrick Public

    A 1.7kW USB-C PD power supply

    C++ 72

  2. RotaryDial-DECT RotaryDial-DECT Public

    Attempt to convert an old rotary phone into a fully capable DECT phone for use on chaos events.

    C++ 1

  3. LoRa-GPS-RP2040 LoRa-GPS-RP2040 Public

    LoRa GPS TTNMapper node based on RP2040

    C++ 1

  4. Fujinon2TiltaNucleus Fujinon2TiltaNucleus Public

    Converts the control signal meant for a Fujinon lens to 3 Tilta Nucleus-N outputs

    C 1 1

  5. Artnet2DMX Artnet2DMX Public


  6. Kitchen-Machinery Kitchen-Machinery Public

    Power controller for kitchen-related appliances (v2 of the Slush-Machinery software stack)



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