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@RainbowMiner RainbowMiner released this Mar 17, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Update release


  • update miner XmrigAmd to v2.14.1 (amd)
  • update miner Teamred to v0.4.2 (amd)
  • update miner Gminer to v1.36 (amd,nvidia)
  • update miner FireIce to v2.10.2 (amd,cpu,nvidia)
  • update miner MiniZ to v1.2l (nvidia)
  • update miner SrbMiner to v1.8.1 (amd)
  • update miner Mulitminer (nvidia)
    • extend interval to avoid disable due to rejected shares
  • update miner Lolminer (amd)
    • lower memory requirements for BEAM


  • add pool Hashpool / for Rainforest/MBC mining


  • fix gpugroups not being created on non-gpu systems


As usual: press [U] to update, or exit RainbowMiner and start "Updater.bat" (or let RainbowMiner do the work, if you have set "EnableAutoUpdate" to 1)

If the automatic update fails for any reason, please do a manual update:

  • exit RainbowMiner window
  • if exit fails press image to close the RainbowMiner window
  • now start "Updater.bat" (in RainbowMiner directory)
  • now restart RainbowMiner

If the manual update failed, too, please go the hard way:

  • exit RainbowMiner
  • if exit fails close the RainbowMiner window
  • download the actual release's zip file (name is like
  • extract the zip file into your RainbowMiner directory, overwriting all files
  • now restart RainbowMiner
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