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RainbowRedux is an attempt to remake the engine for the original Rainbow Six games. This project is not a remake of the game, and does not distribute game content. You require the original game to play. You can pick up a copy from ebay or

This repository holds the Unreal Engine project.

Discord / Community

If you'd like to discuss this project more and hear the latest info, please join us on .

Setup / Prereqs

  • Install Python 3.7 from here (I recommend the 64 bit version)
    • Make sure to select custom install, and tick every option for "all users" so it installs to C:\Program Files\Python37
  • Install git and git-lfs (These should install with SourceTree, GitKraken, or GitHub Desktop)
  • Install Unreal Engine 4.23 through the Epic Games launcher.
  • Clone this repository
  • Run Setup.bat to clone the extra dependencies and copy files to the correct spot
  • Double click the RainbowRedux.uproject file

Project information

Asset, coding and naming standards/conventions


This project uses 3 repositories together.

If you are interested in working on this project you will probably only ever need to look at the first 2 repos.

Due to the need for some developers to use their own forks of repositories I have not set these up as submodules, rather these can be cloned through the setup.bat step. Please change this file, or re-clone these repositories manually as appropriate. (Don't forget to copy PIL like in setup.bat)

Unreal Engine Version

This project is currently based on Unreal Engine 4.23. The 2 main factors that will cause this project to lag behind the latest unreal version is:

  • time involved in upgrading a project. It's not always a quick operation.
  • Support from UnrealEnginePython. The last official support is for 4.23, with community maintained branches for 4.24.

I am planning to upgrade the project to 4.25 on release, provided there is support from a community branch of UnrealEnginePython, as this will give more stable ray tracing support.

Git LFS notes

This project uses git lfs for binary files. This could get expensive over time so please try not to commit excessively large files.

  • Do not submit any copyrighted files.
  • Do not submit any files that are created from copyrighted files.