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As the controllers are going to be the interface between the animator and the character, they have to be intuitive and easy to manipulate. That’s why Duik Bassel not only introduces new shapes to make them easier to recognize, but there is also visual feeadback on the controllers to see what the controllers are doing! And of course, they can be easily personnalized, the user being able to change their colors and shapes as they wish.

The controller panel consists of the list of controllers shapes you can use in your rigs (or which are created with the tools like the Auto-rig), and some useful tools related to controllers.

There are 3 special shapes: the slider, the 2D slider and the angle controllers. They are not meant to be used like other controllers - with parenting or IKs, etc. - but with the "Connector" or expressions: it is easy to get and connect their value to any other property and control almost anything you want with them, in a very visual and easy way.

  • Click the "Select controllers" button to select all controllers in the active composition.
  • The "Show/hide" button shows or hides the controllers in the active composition.
  • "Extract Controllers" is a tool to get the controllers inside a precomposition and copy them in the current composition.
  • In "Standard" and "Expert" mode only, you have access to the "Edit" section to adjust several controllers parameters and appearance at once.
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