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Import/Export render presets in Blender
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DuRPresets - Duduf Render Presets

Render presets for Blender

DuRPresets is part of the DuBLF, the Duduf Blender Framework, a toolset developped by Duduf & Rainbox Laboratory for their productions.

DuRPresets is an add-on for Blender which exports and imports all render settings as external presets.

DuRPresets also exports and imports the settings set with DuBlast, an add-on for quickly creating and playing playblasts.

📖 A comprehensive user documentation is available here.

🎥 You can download the latest public version here.

📣 You can also help the developper (Nicolas "Duduf" Dufresne) and access Beta versions on Patreon, or you can make a donation to Rainbox Laboratory to help the maintenance and distribution of all our free tools.


🚀 Join us and have a chat to get started!

🤗 We'd be happy to welcome you on the forum too.




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