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Duduf IK & Animation Tools for Adobe After Effects
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Rigging and animation toolset for After Effects

Important Notice

As of february 2018 and the 16th version of Duik the project has been merged to DuAEF - The Duduf After Effects Framework This repository contains only older files concerning Duik 15 (and previous versions), and may eventually be deleted.


Do not download Duik here, you'll only get an old and un-supported version. Please, do not post any new issue here, but go to the DuAEF project to post issues there.


You can safely remove any clone of this repository and now clone (and commit to) the DuAEF repo to continue working with Duik.

Other developpers / Forks

Of course, anyone who has forked this repository is free to continue to use their own repo as they wish, but if you want to be able to pull changes made to Duik after february 2018, you should (also) fork the DuAEF repository and get Duik there.

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