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Translation framework for Adobe ExtendScript/JavaScript UI
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Translation framework for Adobe ExtendScript/JavaScript UI

/src/ Contains the translation tool source

/resources/ Contains needed files to run the tools

/examples/ Contains example and test translations

Contribute to the translations of Dustranlator

All translation files are available under resources/languagues.

Available translations

Name File
French app_fr.ts
Spanish app_es.ts
Chinese app_zh_cn.ts
Updating/Creating translations file
  1. Add your language file at the end of the file.
  2. Update the file from QtCreator. Open the project and do Tools > Extra > Linguist > lupdate.
  3. Or from the terminal do lupdate

Note: We will take care of adding your language in the interface if it's a new one.

  • Open the ts file of your language with QtLinguis.
  • If the file is recent, go in Edit > Translation File Settings and change the values according to your language.
  • Translate.
  • Save.
  • Commit now or do a release if you can.

Once you have updated your translation file and translated it, you can release it. Like so, we could use the last version in the application.

  1. Open the project with QtCreator and do Tools > Extra > Linguist > lrelease.
  2. Or from the terminal, run lrelease
  3. Commit and send a pull request.

Compile the source code

From QT Creator

Just open the file with Qt Creator and follow the steps.

From the terminal ✌️

  1. cd into the project directory;

  2. run qmake, this will generate a Makefile;

    You can run this command only when the pro file has been modified.

  3. run make, this will compile the code;

  4. run ./Dutranslator to launch the project;

  5. use make clean to remove all build-related files.

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