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Python Git Wiki

This is a lightweight Wiki using a Git storage backend
for personal use. Edits can be done by regular Git tools or
by browser.

The main purpose is for personal use on your local machine. The code
is *NOT* secured against all kinds of attacks. **Do not use it on public servers.**

### Features

  * Search
  * without JavaScript

### First Start

1. Install the python packages

  * GitPython
  * Markdown

2. Start the Wiki


  A configuration file and Git repository will be created in `~/.pygitwigi`.
  The wiki is now ready for use.

  For customisation check the configuration file `~/.pygitwigi/wiki.conf`

### Quick install on Gentoo

  ebuild ./gentoo/www-apps/pygitwiki/pygitwiki-0.1.ebuild digest
  ebuild ./gentoo/www-apps/pygitwiki/pygitwiki-0.1.ebuild merge

### Run as Service

In order to start the wiki as a service copy the file misc/pygitwiki.service
to ~/.config/systemd/user/ and modity it to match your setup.
You can start or enable the wiki via systemd commands:

    systemctl --user enable pygitwiki
    systemctl --user start pygitwiki