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Send SMS with Twilio from IBM i
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Send SMS with Twilio from IBM i

How does it work

Twilio provides a Node.js REST API to send SMS messages. This solution give you a simple RPGLE program to send the SMS data to a DataQueue. When the SMS message is sent to the DataQueue a Node.js program is waiting for new SMS messages. Once the message arrived the Node.js program send the message with the Twilio REST-API.

The JSON SMS data from IBM i DataQueue

{"body":"Hello World", "to":"+123456789", "from":"+123456789"}

You need

- Node.js 6.x 5733-OPS Option 10
- Install Twilio Node.js API: npm install twilio
- The Twilio credentials - accountSid, authToken, SMS from number - from

Go here to get started with Node.js on IBM i.

Once you have installed Node.js 6.x set Node.js to V6

5250> qsh
$ /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/OPS/Node6/bin/ 6

Check your Node.js version

5250> qsh
$ node -v

Enable QRCVDTAQ wait for Node.js

You'll find the Class iDataQueue in the file /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/OPS/Node6/os400/xstoolkit/lib/idataq.js
copy this file to the new file /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/OPS/Node6/os400/xstoolkit/lib/idataq2.js
and change the following statements:

line 70: iDataQueue.prototype.receiveFromDataQueue = function(name, lib, length, wait, cb) {
line 76: pgm.addParam(wait, "5p0");

Manual Install

Create the following Directories

5250> qsh
$ mkdir -p /home/node  (for the sendSMSDataFromQueue.js)

Start the Node.js program on your IBM i

5250> qsh
$ node /home/node/sendSMSDataFromQueue.js
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