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Repository of language files for various Rainway user interfaces.
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Repository of language files for various Rainway user interfaces.

How to contribute

Know a second language? We need your help! Here's how to help us translate Rainway into your language:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Clone your copy to your computer.
  3. Copy the en.json file in the src directory and rename it to your own language's language or locale code.
  4. Get started translating the english strings contained within into your target language. Ensure that the double-bracketed {{templates}} and the HTML place holders <#> are preserved as they are, as they'll be filled in with language agnostic information on the app-side. Put them in the correct place for your language's grammatical structure, but don't change their contents.
  5. Add a new field to the array in key.json with a title coresponding to how your target language should be represented in a menu, and a value coresponding to the language or locale code of your target language.
  6. When you're finished, make a pull request back to this repository with your changes. Once it's accepted, the new language file will be deployed to our server and will be made available to the Rainway Client and Dashboard.
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