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Dotemacs (.emacs) configuration file
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Dotemacs (.emacs)

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What does my Emacs look like?


What is Emacs?

Emacs is a free (as in freedom) open source text editor.

This repository contains my .emacs file which is the main config file for Emacs.

I have tried to keep my .emacs file as clean and well-documented as possible, but I have to admit I am not that knowledgeable in Lisp and so my .emacs contains code that I shamelessly copied without understanding.

Emacs vs Vim

As is obvious from the large amount of evil bindings, I come from Vim. After a stint of Spacemacs (which I didn’t like) I switched to Emacs completely solely for org-mode and I don’t regret a thing. Both Vim and Emacs have great features so why not take the best of both of worlds?

Some interesting parts

Instead of having you trudge through my whole .emacs I would like to show you some pieces of my configuration file that you might find interesting.

Bind C-x v to open .emacs

;; Bind =C-x v= to open ~/.emacs, remnant from my Vim times where
;; =<Leader> v= would open my ~/.vimrc
(global-set-key (kbd "\C-xv") (lambda () (interactive)
  (find-file "~/.emacs")
  (message "Opened:  %s" (buffer-name))))

For some reason C-u (which is half a page up in Vim-speak) doesn’t work by default. I think this has to do with Emacs using C-u as an important pre-fix. This fixes that

;; Makes C-u scroll up (see:
(setq evil-want-C-u-scroll t)

And possibly the most important one is this one: Vim-like paragraph movements don’t work out of the box. This creates that Vim-like paragraph feel which we all know and love

;; Make evil paragraphs behave like vim paragraphs
;; See:
(with-eval-after-load 'evil
  (defadvice forward-evil-paragraph (around default-values activate)
    (let ((paragraph-start (default-value 'paragraph-start))
          (paragraph-separate (default-value 'paragraph-separate)))
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