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A curated list of awesome Phaser libraries, resources and shiny things.
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A curated list of awesome things related to Phaser game engine.



Video Tutorials


  • Phaser 3 Ninepatch Plugin - Phaser3 Nine Patch plugin adds 9-slice scaling support to Phaser 3 by KoreezGames
  • Pathbuilder - Draw and edit Lines, Bezier Curves, Splines during runtime and export them for path tweens and PathFollowers
  • State Transition - State transition plugin for Phaser.js
  • Phaser 3 Interim Containers - Basic Interim Containers for Phaser 3.0.0 and up, until Containers officially land
  • Phaser 3 Animated Tiles Plugin - A plugin that adds support for animated tiles to Phaser 3
  • Generic Platformer and Phaser Bootstrap Project - Generic platformer and Phaser 3 bootstrap project
  • DragonBones -
  • Phaser i18next - Phaser plugin for translations using i18next
  • Tilemap plus - Tilemap animations, physics, events and custom property enhancements for Tiled JSON map files
  • Phaser Manifest Loader for Webpack - Phaser Manifest Loader means you can load assets that have been compressed and fingerprinted by webpack as easily as this
  • Particle editor plugin - This plugin creates particles based on JSON data generated by Phaser Particle Editor
  • Navmesh Generation - This Phaser plugin generates Navigation Meshes from supplied Phaser
  • Dialog Manager -
  • Pocketdebug - Simple pocket sized debug module for Phaser. Display FPS graph, drawcalls in DOM text
  • Nineslice - NineSlice plugin for Phaser!
  • Phaser Ui - Easy to use UI components for the game engine
  • Navigation Meshes - A plugin for path-finding in Phaser using navmeshes
  • Procedural_dungeon - PhaserJS plugin for the creation of dungeon layouts procedurally
  • Data uri snippets - NPM package for commonly-used data URIs
  • Link - Link (Legend of Zelda)-like class for Phaser
  • Mario - Mario-like class for Phaser
  • Percent bar - Auto-updating percentage bar for Phaser
  • Aseprite - Aseprite Sprite loader for Phaser
  • a4g - Phaser plugin allowing Video and HTML5 ad integrations with games
  • Web workers - A simple Phaser plugin that allows you to easily integrate Web Workers in your game
  • Debug emiter - Debug methods for particle emitters
  • Underline text - Extends Phaser.Text to easily let you add underlines anywhere in your text
  • View cache - Lists the contents of the game cache
  • Debug object - Adds game.debug.object(), a generic object display
  • Phaser bones -
  • i18next - Phaser plugin for translations using i18next
  • Rotate Sprite Extension - Rotate Sprite Extension for Phaser Framework
  • Game Gui - Inspect and manipulate some common game settings
  • Typewriter - A phaser helper for the typewriter effect
  • Modals - Modals creator script
  • Phaser Bootstrap - A simple bootstrap for phaser
  • FXQ - A special effects and animation queue manager
  • PhaseSlider - A slider UI component for Javascript library
  • Sound Manager - A small sound-manager for easily use and parse sounds from assetPacks
  • Debug Timer - Debug methods for timers and timer events.
  • Barchart - Specifically, it generates a bar graph from an array of numbers.
  • Grid Physics - The Grid Physics plugin is to Arcade physics what Arcade physics is to Box2D.
  • Manifest Loader - Phaser Manifest Loader
  • Scrollable component - A phaser component to implement a scrollable group.
  • Floating Text - A floating text plugin for Phaser, with many effects to choose from
  • Scene Graph - Prints Phaser’s display tree in the console.
  • Advanced timing - Shows FPS, frame intervals, and performance info
  • Step - Adds keyboard shortcuts for stepping
  • Timestore - Multiple timers manager, especially good for games.
  • Debug tween - Draws tween timelines and prints tween properties
  • Sprite GUI - Inspect and manipulate Phaser Sprites (via dat.gui)
  • State transition - State transition plugin for Phaser.js
  • SlickUI - Lightweight Phaser UI plugin
  • Super storage - A cross platform storage plugin for Phaser
  • Debug arcade physics - Draws properties of Arcade Physics bodies
  • Scene graph - Prints Phaser’s display tree in the console.
  • Craft - Phaser Library with utility chainable functions
  • Behavior - Behavior System for Phaser games
  • Phaser ads - A Phaser plugin for providing nice ads integration in your game
  • Arcade circles - This plugin adds circle-collision to Phaser framework
  • Arcade slopes - A Phaser plugin that brings sloped tile collision handling to the Arcade Physics engine
  • List view - List view class for Phaser. Great for high scoreboards.
    Checkbox - This addon give you the option to use checkbox-elements in Phaser.
  • Input - Adds input boxes to Phaser like CanvasInput, but also works for WebGL and Mobile, made for Phaser only.
  • Save CPUT
  • Swipe - A swipe component for
  • Sound analyser - Phaser plugin - provide you with possibility to create real time visual frequency/time data analyser, simple sound analyse object with real time data update event and more...
  • Phase tips - A tooltips plugin for game framework
  • Healthbar - An attempt to create a simple and customizable healthbar for Phaser.js games.
  • Inspector - Phaser Inspector Plugin allows you to inspect Phaser game.
  • Nine patch - A Nine Patch Plugin for Phaser
  • Islandjs - plugin for procedural generation and rendering island maps based on island.js
  • Kinetic scrolling plugin - Kinetic Scrolling plugin for Canvas using Phaser Framework
  • EZGUI - EZGUI - The missing GUI for Pixi.js and
  • IonPhaser: A web component to integrate Phaser Framework with Angular, React, Vue, etc 🎮



  • Phaser editor - Phaser Editor is a new editor to develop HTML5 2D games using the Phaser framework
  • Abra - Abra is a web tool for building games with Phaser
  • Mighty editor - Web based open source HTML5 game editor, based on game engine


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