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SWG Remastered
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SWG Remastered

This server, like all other private servers, would not be possible without the incredible and selfless work of the SWGEMU Team. Their work makes up probably 85% of the code base used in running this server. We used the MTG Consoidated TRE files, as the foundation for creating SWG Remastered. We also make use of the LUA work contained in their repo. So MTG easily contributes the other 15% of work, that was used in creating SWG Remastered.

** We take no credit for creating much of anything on this server.

Mod The Galaxy Tre Files (Full Credit) Core3 – SWG Emu Team (FULL Credit) SWG Infinity – We used their /regrantskills command and we used some of their slicing code. (FULL CREDIT) Cesta – We used his Galaxy Harvester Resource Generation Logic and take no credit for the work (FULL CREDIT) TheTinyPebble - for always assisting with issues, ideas, or just letting me vent!

Many of our QOL Changes can be found on the EMU forums, under the forum post labeled Just For Fun 2.0.

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