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Raj Lab @ UCSF

The Brain Networks Laboratory at UCSF is led by Dr. Ashish Raj, and focuses on applying network theory and computational tools to problems in neuroimaging.

Popular repositories

  1. Spectral graph model base code and examples

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  2. Code for implementing the Aggregation-Network diffusion model (AND), as described in the paper: "Combined Model of Aggregation And Network Diffusion Recapitulates Alzheimer’s Regional Tau-PET " by …

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  3. Journal Club

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  4. Matlab functionality for creating 3D human & mouse brain renderings, with many options.

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  5. Utilities for brain atlas related tasks

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  6. Code for the paper titled "Dynamical role of pivotal brain regions in Parkinson symptomatology uncovered with deep learning." by Alex A. Nguyen, Pedro D. Maia, Xiao Gao, Pablo F. Damasceno,and Ashi…

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