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Avoin Ministeriö Surveys

Surveyor is the base survey library we use


Survey Creation

  1. Create a survey surveys dir using surveyor dsl

  2. Compile survey into database by running the following rake task

     bundle exec rake surveyor FILE=surveys/<survey_file_name>.rb

Surveys Initialization

  1. Configure the SURVEY_ACCESS_CODE for global survey This contains the has for global survey with multiple languages e.g !#config/ini../surveys.rb SURVEY_ACCESS_CODE = { fi: "avoin-ministerio-attitudes-1-fi", se: "avoin-ministerio-attitudes-1-se"

Survey Reports

  1. Run the rake task to generate the reports

     bundle exec rake surveyor:custom_dump
  2. Option arguments

     bundle exec rake surveyor:custom_dump SURVEY_ACCESS_CODE=<survey_code> SURVEY_VERSION=<survey_version> OUTPUT_DIR=<dir> 

default values are SURVEY_ACCESS_CODE=<finish_version_of_global_survey> OUTPUT_DIR=tmp with latest survey_version

  1. You can see all the survey versions using the following code snippet e.g

    Survey.where("access_code = 'avoin-ministerio-attitudes-1-fi'").each {|s| puts s.survey_version}

Survey Views

  1. Helper method is defined for generating survey buttons

    survey_button(user_state = nil, multiple_survey = false, current_language = nil)

    if you set multiple_survey to true it will always show the button even if user has already been surveyd the global survey once.

Email Survey

  1. Generate surveys for users

     get_survey_link("<survey_code>", "<citizen_email_id>")
  2. Example text

     ApplicationHelper::get_survey_link("avoin-ministerio-attitudes-1-fi", "test@gmail.com")