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Using BeautifulSoup to extract data from a website
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Apr 1996.csv
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Apr 1998.csv
Apr 1999.csv
Apr 2000.csv
Apr 2001.csv
Apr 2002.csv
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Aug 2016.csv
Dec 1995.csv
Dec 1996.csv
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Dec 1998.csv
Dec 1999.csv
Dec 2000.csv
Dec 2001.csv
Dec 2002.csv
Dec 2003.csv
Dec 2004.csv
Dec 2005.csv
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Dec 2007.csv
Dec 2008.csv
Dec 2009.csv
Dec 2010.csv
Dec 2011.csv
Dec 2012.csv
Dec 2013.csv
Dec 2014.csv
Dec 2015.csv
Dec 2016.csv
Feb 1996.csv
Feb 1997.csv
Feb 1998.csv
Feb 1999.csv
Feb 2000.csv
Feb 2001.csv
Feb 2002.csv
Feb 2003.csv
Feb 2004.csv
Feb 2005.csv
Feb 2006.csv
Feb 2007.csv
Feb 2008.csv
Feb 2009.csv
Feb 2010.csv
Feb 2011.csv
Feb 2012.csv
Feb 2013.csv
Feb 2014.csv
Feb 2015.csv
Feb 2016.csv
Jan 1996.csv
Jan 1999.csv
Jan 2000.csv
Jan 2001.csv
Jan 2002.csv
Jan 2003.csv
Jan 2004.csv
Jan 2005.csv
Jan 2006.csv
Jan 2007.csv
Jan 2008.csv
Jan 2009.csv
Jan 2011.csv


Using BeautifulSoup to extract data from FIFA rankings website.


This website contains rankings, overall points, 3 month weighted average points for Men's Football.

I have used BeautifulSoup to generate a csv which combines data from different pages of the website. This data can be then used for predicting FIFA rankings, Match results etc.

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