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Typing Tutor



An Aracade game made in Java. There is more than one way to practice typing and become a fast and efficient typist. Play "Typing Tutor" Words based typing game. It is type of touch typing games practice words and aimed for intermediate and advanced typists.


A word will flash every three second and the player have to write the same word in the given text area as soon as possible. If he is successful in writing the word without any error then the player will be rewarded a point else a new word will flash in next three seconds. There will be total of 50seconds which is the duration of game.
The words are CASE SENSITIVE.

  • Pause: This button will pause the game straight away. The time will stand still and will not change until you re-hit the pause button. The user will not be able to write anything while the game is paused.
  • Exit: This button will exit the game at any point of time. By clicking this, player can exit the game with the current points. This step is irreversable.
  • Score: This will project the score of player at any given point of time.