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Getting Started

For those in a hurry, Rajawali pakages are available from jCenter, the default repository for gradle.
Add this line to your (Module: app) build.gradle dependencies:

    compile 'org.rajawali3d:rajawali:1.1.970'

For first time users please see the this tutorial provided by one of our users, Clinton Medbery. Basic Setup & Sphere (Maven)

installation guide


For samples of how to use features of Rajawali, please see the Examples.

Apps In The Wild

Or check out many of the apps created using Rajawali so far

Join The Community

Join the community on G+ to stay up to date on recent releases and learn about important changes in the framework.

Google+ Rajawali 3D Framework

Bombshell (Development Version) Tutorials

  1. Blending Modes
  2. JBox2D Dynamics
  3. Dynamic Textures

Anchor Steam v1.0 Tutorials

  1. Basic Scene - Android Studio
  2. Using IRajawaliSurface
  3. Animation Classes
  4. AWD File Parsing
  5. Using RajawaliScene
  6. Creating a Texture Atlas
  7. Creating a Day Dream
  8. Using Canvas for Textures
  9. Scene Frame Callbacks
  10. Async Loaders

v0.9 Tutorials

  1. Basic Scene - Eclipse
  2. Creating a Live Wallpaper and Importing a Model
  3. Materials
  4. Optimization
  5. Skybox
  6. Screenshots
  7. Plugins
  8. User Interface Elements
  9. Creating a Custom Material GLSL Shader
  10. 2D Renderer
  11. Particles
  12. Object Picking
  13. Animation Classes
  14. Bump Normal Mapping
  15. MD2 Animation
  16. Collision Detection
  17. Importing .Obj Files
  18. Drawing Lines
  19. Catmull Rom Splines
  20. Animated Sprites
  21. Fog
  22. More Optimisation
  23. Custom Vertex Shader
  24. Using Geometry Data To Position And Rotate Objects
  25. Video Material
  26. Orthographic Camera
  27. Texture Compression
  28. Transparent Textures
  29. Skeletal Animation
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