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I built this app based on my experience in the ed-tech industry. Canvassing various providers such as Udacity, Coursera, EdX, ThinkFul, and Udemy, I noticed a problem. Students, as the day-to-day consumers of content did not have a real-time and ease of use way of sharing their experiences with content writers. I wanted to create a tool that would both draw students' interest and use while sharing important information with content teams.


highlight.Me creates new data by empowering students with added functionality. Students, using the tool, can highlight and comment on material. Each click creates a data point, represented by heat maps to content teams. Individually, mentors/teachers can see how students are interacting with the material, flagging possible troublespots and addressing lingering questions.

Working Prototype

You can access a working prototype of the app here:


To bring this project alive, I used Jquery, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS on the front-end and node, express, MongoDB on the back-end.

Development Roadmap

This is v1.0 of the app, validating that students would actually use such a tool. Future upgrades will include: -Heat maps for content teams to see how students are interacting with the tool. -Access for mentors/teachers to review the individual highlights/comments of students.