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Project Blin – Toasting Reinvented

Blin is a quality assurance tool for Rakudo releases. Blin is based on Whateverable.

Blin was inspired by Toaster. Here are some advantages:

  • Fetches archives from whateverable instead of spending time to build rakudo
  • Installs modules in proper order to avoid testing the same module more than once
  • Deflaps modules that fail intermittently
  • Automatically bisects regressed modules
  • Avoids segfaults by producing no useful output instead of using DBIish


Install required packages:

sudo apt install zstd lrzip graphviz

Install dependencies:

zef install --deps-only .

Many modules require native dependencies. See this page for the list of packages to install.


Currently it is supposed to run only on 64-bit linux systems.

If you want to test one or more modules:

PERL6LIB=lib bin/blin.p6 SomeModuleHere AnotherModuleHere

Here is a more practical example:

time PERL6LIB=lib bin/blin.p6 --old=2018.06 --new=2018.09 Foo::Regressed Foo::Regressed::Very Foo::Dependencies::B-on-A

You can also test arbitrary scripts. The code can depend on modules, in which case they have to be listed on the command line (e.g. for a script depending on WWW you should list WWW module, dependencies of WWW will be resolved automatically).

Using this ticket as an example:

Create file foo.p6 with this content:

use WWW;
my @stations;
@stations = | jpost "", :limit(42);

Then run Blin:

./bin/blin.p6 --old=2018.12 --new=HEAD --custom-script=foo.p6 WWW

Then check out the output folder to see the results. Essentially, it is a local Bisectable.

If you want to test the whole ecosystem:

time PERL6LIB=lib bin/blin.p6

Estimated time to test the whole ecosystem with 24 cores is β‰ˆ60 minutes.

⚠☠ SECURITY NOTE: issues mentioned in Toaster still apply. Do not run this for the whole ecosystem on non-throwaway installs. ☠⚠


See output/overview file for a basic overview of results. More details for specific modules can be found in installed/ directory. Betters ways to view the data should come soon (hopefully).


For info about the Docker image, have a look at the Readme file in the docker directory.

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