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Raku module to render Pod as HTML.


From the command line:

raku --doc=HTML lib/FancyModule.rakumod > FancyModule.html

From within Raku:

use Pod::To::HTML:auth<github:Raku>;

# Pod file
say render(
    title => 'My Own Title',
    subtitle => 'On the Art of Making Titles',
    lang => 'en',


From the Raku ecosystem:

$ zef install Pod::To::HTML:auth<Raku>

From source:

$ git clone
$ cd Pod-To-HTML/
$ zef install .

Note: Perl 6 2018.06 introduces changes on how non-breaking whitespace was handled; this is now included in the tests. If the installation fails, please upgrade to Perl 6 >= 2018.06 or simply disregard the test and install with --force if that particular feature is of no use to you.

Note 2: Perl6 2018.11 introduced handling of Definition blocks, Defn. Please upgrade if you are using that feature in the documentation.


Pod::To::HTML takes a Pod tree and outputs correspondingly formatted HTML using a default or provided Mustache template. There are two ways of accomplishing this:

  • from the command line, using raku --doc=HTML, which extracts the Pod from the document and feeds it to Pod::To::HTML.

  • from within a Raku program via the exported render subroutine, which creates a complete HTML document from the Pod. This allows more customization (title, subtitle, and lang can override Pod's corresponding semantics, different Mustache template (possibly with partials), additional template variables for the template, etc.) than simply rendering the Pod via raku --doc=HTML which just use the default template.

Exported subroutines

render: Render a Pod document from several sources. title, subtitle, and lang are supplied to the Mustache template and override the Pod document's corresponding semantic blocks. A template path can be passed; the Mustache template main.mustache must be under that path. Partials to the template must be under the same path in a directory named partials.

  • render(Array $pod, Str :$title, Str :$subtitle, Str :$lang, Str :$template = Str, *%template-vars)

  • render(Pod::Block $pod, Str :$title, Str :$subtitle, Str :$lang, Str :$template = Str, *%template-vars)

  • render(IO::Path $file, Str :$title, Str :$subtitle, Str :$lang, Str :$template = Str, *%template-vars)

  • render(Str $pod-string, Str :$title, Str :$subtitle, Str :$lang, Str :$template = Str, *%template-vars)

Template information

Pod::To::HTML makes the following information available to the Mustache template:

  • title: This is picked up from the Pod's semantic block =TITLE (if any), although it can be overridden by supplying it via render. It defaults to the empty string.

  • subtitle: This is picked up from the Pod's semantic block =SUBTITLE (if any), although it can be overridden by supplying it via render. It defaults to the empty string.

  • lang: This is picked up from the Pod's semantic block =LANG (if any), although it can be overridden by supplying it via render. It defaults to the en.

  • toc: The Pod document's table of contents.

  • footnotes: The Pod document's footnotes.

Additional information can be made available to the Mustache template by supplying to render as named arguments. For example, css-url => will be available to the template as css-url.

Semantic Blocks

Semantic blocks are treated as metadata and supplied as such to a Mustache template. For example, from the Pod document:

=begin pod
=TITLE Classes and objects
=SUBTITLE A tutorial about creating and using classes in Raku
=LANG English
=DATE January 01, 2020
=end pod

the template variables title, subtitle, lang, and date are made available to a Mustache template. Both title and subtitle can be overridden via the render subroutine.

Note: Pod's semantic blocks can be overridden via render by using a variable of the same name.


Check the examples directory (which should have been installed with your distribution, or is right here if you download from source) for a few illustrative examples.


You can set the P6DOC_DEBUG environmental variable to make the module produce some debugging information.

P6DOC_DEBUG=1 raku --doc=HTML lib/FancyModule.rakumod > FancyModule.html


You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

The META6.json file of this distribution may be distributed and modified without restrictions or attribution.


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