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Contributing to the annual Raku Advent calendar


See current and previous Advent article entries here and here.


  1. Get a Perl 6 Wordpress account from an admin on IRC #raku or #raku-dev (jmerelo, timotimo, moritz, tbrowder ...).

  2. Choose one or more empty day slots in the Christmas 2019 schedule.

  3. Write your article using Github markdown. Note that it is recommended to have each paragraph in the markdown source file collapsed into one long line before using one of the html converter tools listed in the next step. That is necessary in order to get the html formatting correct (Wordpress doesn't remove newlines inside html text content).

  4. Convert the file to Wordpress html format using one of the two tools here (see para 3. for an important note before using one of these tools):

    • Perl 6 module Acme::Advent::Highlighter [may get errors]

    • tools/p6advent-md2html.p6 Execute it without an argument to see instructions.

  5. Insert the converted file into Wordpress.

  6. Schedule the article to be published at 00:01 (as configured on the Wordpress site) on its scheduled date.

For detailed Wordpress instructions see this article.

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