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<img style="float: right; margin: 0 0 1em 1em; width:261px" src="/images/Camelia.svg" alt="" id="home_logo"/>
Welcome to the official documentation of the <a href="">Raku</a>
programming language!
Besides online browsing and searching, you can also
<a href="/perl6.html">view everything in one file</a> or
<a href="">contribute</a>
by reporting issues or sending patches.
<dt><a href="/language.html">Language Reference &amp; Tutorials</a></dt>
A collection of documents describing, in detail, the various
conceptual parts of the language.
If you're new to Raku,
language>intro is a good place to start.
<dt><a href="/type.html">Type Reference</a></dt>
Index of built-in classes, roles and enums.
<dt><a href="/routine.html">Routine Reference</a></dt>
Index of built-in subroutines and methods.
<dt><a href="/programs.html">Raku Programs</a></dt>
A collection of documents describing the variables that affect the the Raku executable, how to run the p6doc documentation front-end,
how to debug Raku programs, and how to hack on Raku
source code.
<dt><a href="/language/faq">FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)</a></dt>
A collection of questions that have cropped up often, along with answers.
<dt><a href="/language/community">Community</a></dt>
Information about the Raku development community, email lists, IRC and IRC bots, and blogs
<p>The Raku homepage offers <a href="">a
comprehensive list of Raku resources</a>, including tutorials, and how-tos.</p>
<p>You may be interested in the <a href="">Community</a> page on the
main Raku website.</p>
Raku compiler developers may also be interested in
<a href="">The Raku Specification</a>.
<p>Part of this official documentation has been translated into Chinese. Here's the <a href=''>index to the pages that have been translated</a>.</p>
=end Html
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