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The Camelia image is copyright 2009 by Larry Wall. Permission to use
is granted under the Artistic License 2.0, or any subsequent version
of the Artistic License.
The Camelia image is a trademark of Larry Wall, and permission is
granted for non-exclusive use to label anything related to Perl 6,
provided the image is labeled as a trademark when used as a main logo
on a page. (It is not necessary to so label icons, or other casual
uses not related to business.) Such labeling may be done either by
footnote or with a TM mark.
It is recommended that such a TM mark be in a light but visible color
of gray.
Camelia is intended primarily to represent Perl 6, The Language,
not any other aspect of Perl 6 culture, corporate or otherwise.
In particular, various implementations and distributions are free to
use their own logos and/or mascots.
Certain variants are also permissible; since Camelia knows how to
change her wing colors at will, any color scheme (or lack thereof)
in the same pattern is fine. She just happens to like bright colors
most of the time because they make her happy. But she's willing to
blend in where necessary. :)
Going to the other extreme, a textual variant also exists:
Many other variants are possible. Have fun. Good taste and positive
connotations are encouraged, but cannot of course be required.
Those of you who think the current design does not reflect good taste
are entitled to your opinion. We will certainly allow you to change
your mind later as you grow younger. :)
Online resources
Discussion Highlights
From: Larry Wall
Date: March 24, 2009 10:25
Subject: Re: Logo considerations
[...] I think there's a tendency to
go way too abstract in most of these proposals. I want something
with gut appeal on the order of Tux. In particular I want a logo
for Perl 6 that is:
Shrinkable to textual icon
Shrinkable to graphical icon
In addition, you can extend just about anything by attaching "P6"
wings to it. I also take it as a given that we want to discourage
misogyny in our community. You of the masculine persuasion should
consider it an opportunity to show off your sensitive side. :)
Hence, Camelia.
From: Larry Wall
Date: March 25, 2009 11:28
Subject: Re: Logo considerations - 3 logos needed
On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 08:54:34AM -0400, ______ wrote:
: I think he was offering it as an example and a suggestion. The perl6
: community might favor it out of respect for Larry but I think he went
: out of his way to make it clear that it's the kind of thing he would
: like.
Yes, I went out of my way to indicate that my mind was still open
(a little). However, if you will allow an old geezer to be a wee bit
testy, I would also like to make it clear that I'm a just a little
tired of these "rounds"; more importantly, that I've been mulling
over this particular issue for many years. I didn't just come up
with that list of requirements off the cuff. I'm old enough to have
lots of stuff on my cuff as well.
Also, it's probably mere hubris, but I already consider myself to be a
"professional designer". I know how to take into account the various
factors that a professional designer would take into account when
designing yet another highly original logo that somehow ends up looking
just like every other logo out there. You'll notice that "sterility"
is not on my list of requirements. It was a deliberate omission.
So let me summarize the requirements into a meta-requirement:
The new logo must make Larry at least as happy as Camelia does.
That is the extent to which my mind is still open... :-)
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